So what IS so good about mirrors? Besides the obvious – mirrors help you see what you look like… mirrors are a wonderful decoration feature.

They help fill up empty wall space and with the endless amount of frames you can get for mirrors, they are a decor delight.

Doesn’t matter the style of you house or apartment, there will be mirror that will fit perfectly.

And its not only houses that need mirrors. Businesses need them too. How could a hairdresser work without one? Or a clothing shop – customers need a mirror to see how the garment looks.

Or an optometrist or dentist…they need mirrors too. Telescopes and microscopes use mirrors (although some use curved mirrors). Lighthouses have big mirrors the reflect light out to sea.

And as you can see from the picture above, they can be used as part of a building facade.

So mirror applications are endless. And come in endless shapes and sizes.

A long time before glass mirrors, the ancient Egyptians made mirrors from metal (bronze, copper, silver, tin).  They flattened sheets of metal and polished them until they were shiny enough to be a mirror. And in ancient Rome, mirrors were mostly hand mirrors, which were made from metal that was polished, or from mercury placed behind glass.

Needless to say, metal mirrors weren’t as good and clear as modern mirrors of today, but that’s all they had. Before those times, people used clear water and had others help them do their hair and whatever else was needed.

Who knows what the future of mirrors will be… maybe holograms…

Whatever it is, mirrors have been a wonderful invention, and in some ways, life changing, and have made life much more convenient.

What do you think?

What have mirrors done to help you?

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