LARGE WALL CLOCK,60 CM, Pink, Quality! Tick-less!


From Melbourne? Looking for a new large wall clock that is stunning AND at a bargain price – for only $78, not $220??

Well, look at this….

Melbourne Mirrors has a 60 cm, TICK-LESS clock, that oozes quality and style.

It’s timeless (‘scuse the pun 😊) appearance will look terrific in any décor – modern, old world, Hamptons, mid-century – it doesn’t matter… it’s great in many applications.

This pink clock is big, beautiful, high end and VERY AFFORDABLE.

MUCH cheaper than anywhere else…. the price is less than wholesale!

So grab an absolute bargain and enjoy your new clock for many, many happy years.

It’s big – 60cm round

Available in Blossom Pink and  Sky Blue, – see photos.

It has a matte resin finish with white markers.

The clock’s quartz movement is high-quality and silent. It does not tick!

It’s designed in the UK by One Six Eight London, and is a luxe time piece.

So be very quick…. while it’s on sale….

Curious to know more? Call Robert 0431202025 from Melbourne Mirrors.

NO delivery. pickup only





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