For those who want to reflect beauty and don’t mind fibbing to their friends about the price! 

Searching for mirrors that look fantastic, but wont cost a heap? Having trouble finding the perfect one?

Well, you’ve come to the right place….

We can help you update your interior walls with lots of wonderful mirrors. And at prices that will make you smile. Whether you need mirrors for your Melbourne home, or for your  business, or office, we can help.

There are modern frameless ones and framed ones that would suit any elegant Toorak lounge and mirrors that are fabulous for hair salons, shops and cafes.

We have large ones that have been used in clothing boutiques and restaurants. And smaller mirrors that are regularly used in bathrooms and powder rooms.

There are mirrors that are terrific for Melbourne building developers and house stylists who want to show their new projects in the best light. And then they can be re used again for the next project. The variety is extensive, they are not heavy to carry, fit in most cars and look really beautiful.

Our large variety of mirrors are ready to go. We don’t custom make. But chances are, you will find a mirror that suits your needs and that you will love! Nothing says luxe like a fantastic mirror to highlight and reflect the beauty of a space.

So check out the mirrors on this site and then call us on 03 9578 5955 and let us know which one you like.